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EXTERNAL DISCLOSURE SYSTEM (DIVEXT 9.0) is a program specially designed for searching for information Publicly-held Companies send in to BOVESPA and to CVM - Securities and Exchange Commission.

Through such system, it is possible to search for financial statements submitted by companies which are available at this website . This program can only be used for files generated in Windows (WIN) format. To access DOS format files, you are supposed to get the respective program available at CVM website.


This program can only be installed in computers following IBM (PC) standards and have a Windows 95 or more advanced operating system and with Microsoft Word (version 6 or more advanced).


  • Create a directory (for instance C:\DIVEXT82 ), which 9 files downloaded will be directed to and also decompressed files.
  • Download each one of the files below in the directory created (C:\DIVEXT82 , as the example case).

1.094 kb
1.409 kb
1.411 kb
1.412 kb
1.409 kb
1.394 kb
1.410 kb
1.412 kb
981 kb
  • You also can download the file below, which contains the 9 files mentioned before in only one :


  • Use WinZip or a similar program to decompress the downloaded files. Run each one of them and move the files to the directory created (C:\DIVEXT82 , as the example case) and to the folders "Disk1" to "Disk9", respectively, according to each one of the 9 files.

Note: The ones who downloaded the condensed file have just to run the file and move it to the directory created (C:\DIVEXT82 , as the example case) and then to the folder "Disk1".


  • To install the program, just double click SETUP.EXE (found in the directory "Disk 1") or install it clicking on START, EXECUTE and enter: C:\DIVEXT82\DISK1\SETUP.EXE and press the OK button or ENTER.

Note�: The indication of a directory named DIVEXT82 is just a suggestion for the establishment of a standard. It means that any other directory can be designated for it.

  • The program installation will begin, general instruction will be displayed on the first screen, including network installation recommendations.
  • During the installation process, DIVEXT directory will be suggested to store the program and respective files. Even though such directory may be changed, we recommend its maintenance, since this path will be suggested to all future upgrades for this program.
  • To make sure that the installation occurred successfully, click on START, PROGRAMS and DIVEXT. Access the item HELP and then choose ABOUT. If you can see the indicator �Vers�o 8.2 - Junho / 2007� then it was well done.

Note�: as the installation process is concluded, we recommend that downloaded files, whether decompressed or not, be stored in a specific directory or in a diskette so that contingent reinstallation of the program can be done in an easier way.


In case of problems or doubts as for the system, contact CVM technical support via e-mail or by telephones +55 21 3233-8504 or +55 21 3233-8261 (Information Technology Sector) .