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Thank you for your interest in trading BM&FBOVESPA´s markets.

BM&FBOVESPA has developed an exclusive section dedicated for nonresident investors wishing to trade the financial, agricultural and derivatives products available on its trading platforms.

In this section you may find all you need to know to get ready to invest in and trade the products available on BM&FBOVESPA´S trading platforms.

International Investors (institutions and individuals) are allowed to hold any asset class available to domestic investors in Brazil, and given that international investors are not established or resident in the country, the CMN (Brazilian Monetary Council) Resolution 2689, requires international investors to hire institutions to act as:

Legal Representative

Responsible for presenting all investor registration information to the Brazilian Authorities. When the representative is an individual or a non-financial corporation, the investor must indicate a financial institution duly authorized by the Central Bank that will be jointly and severally responsible for the representative's obligation.

Fiscal Representative

Responsible for taxes and fiscal issues on behalf of the investor before the Brazilian Authorities.


Responsible to hold updated reports and control all the assets of the international investor in segregated accounts, and provide this information anytime it is required, to the Authorities and to the investor.

Actually, several financial institutions are authorized by the CVM and Central Bank to perform the custodian activities and can also act as investor's legal and fiscal representatives.

The financial assets and securities traded as well as other forms of financial applications must be registered, held in custody or maintained in deposit accounts at an appropriated authorized institution authorized by the CVM or Central Bank.