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Automated process (MyCTC)

MyCTC is the automation tool for the certification process of BM&FBOVESPA´s PUMA Trading System. Through that tool, the market participants and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) will be able to test and certify their order entry and market data applications.

MyCTC has a series of advantages when compared to the non-automated process, such as:

  • Independence from the company that carries out the certification process to run the certification scripts according to the participant’s available time, with no need to schedule a session with CTC.
  • Automated logs retrieval through MyCTC. It is no longer needed to send log files after the certification process.
  • Time reduction for the certification process.
  • Test simulator available to run preliminary tests before the certification.
  • It displays the error tag on the screen for occurrences in Entrypoint.

The automated certification will be available from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 8:00pm.

The certification process comprises to run the script (test scenarios) for a product. After a technical analysis by the Certification and Testing Center (CTC), the participant will receive an e-mail from BM&FBOVESPA formalizing the certification and granting access to the production environment to the certified software.

Link to access MyCTC for the Bovespa segment
Access link to MyCTC  for the BM&F Segment:

It is out of the certification process scope:

1 –Information security features, such as:

  • Logs and audit trail.
  • Possibility of password creation according to best practices
  • Profile access control.

2 – Certification of alternative pre-trading risk control tools to the MegaLine and Line solutions for DMA solutions.

The new support tool for the certification will be gradually deployed. Soon, new certification scripts will be created and used periodically.

During the initial deployment phase, the certification process will be updated, aiming to improve the process flow.

The other certifications must still use the traditional process.

Responsibility Exemption: The Exchange is exempted from the responsibility towards the solution chosen by the participant that best meets their needs for certification purposes as well as implementation, tests and maintenance of such eventual solution.


Certification process

Step Pre-Requisite Solution SLA

The participant sends an e-mail to requesting the following forms:

  • 1. Certification environment access request form.
  • 2. Agreement form.
  • 3. VPN request form, if needed.
  • 4. Session request form.
  • 5. Printed VPN agreement form.


  • 1. Validates the connection request form.
  • 2. Creates the VPN access.
  • 3. Creates access sessions for the certification environment.
  • 4. Sends an e-mail to the participant containing technical information for setting the VPN sessions.

Note: the deadline for setting the participant’s environment does not lie with BM&FBOVESPA.

7.5 days

The participant fills the MyCTC access form

The participant sends the form filled to The participant receives an e-mail informing their registration. The participant confirms their registration.

CTC performs the registration of the participant and sends a confirmation e-mail. 2 days
3 Begining of certification Certification executed – the duration of this activity can vary according to the maturity of the software to be certified. Undefined
4 Certification finished Report created and sent for BM&FBOVESPA’s approval 3 days
5 Report Approved BM&FBOVESPA sends an e-mail to the participant informing about the conclusion of the certification 1 day
6 Report Approved Under participant’s request, the software’s data are published on BM&FBOVESPA’s website. 1 day


MyCTC Manual