BM&FBOVESPA - Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange

Desativação dos Sinais de Difusão de Informações dos Segmentos BOVESPA e BM&F

Technical Information

BOVESPA Market Data Vendors should follow the instructions described below:

Message Description Specification

    To use the information about the 2009-09-17 trading session in the “proxydiff”:
    1 - if the “proxydiff” is not installed, please install it;
    2 - replace the “” by the “”;
    3 - extract files from the “Market”, in the sub-directory date of the “proxydiff”.

  • Message Sample (Z4) – Open Positions in BTC

Technical Forms

    Instructions on how to fill out the Technical Form:
    1 – Download the Form file in “.zip” format;
    2 – Fill out the following items: 1.0 Vendor Information and 2.0 Network Information (VPN Internet only);
    3 – Forward the completed form to: