Real Estate Receivables Certificates

Real Estate Receivables Certificate – CRI

CRI originated from public offerings may be admitted to trading on the BM&FBOVESPA through the listing process environment.

Information and documents necessary for CRI listing and issuers registration are available on session Fixed Income.

Issuers and underwriters can count on the BM&FBOVESPA distribution services for their CRI public offerings. These services are available in packages and the choice of service level (i.e., the choice of one of the service packs) is a decision of the company and of the offer coordinators, according to the characteristics and objectives of the offer. Based on its technical and operational experience, BM&FBOVESPA may provide guidance on the most appropriate service. For instance: Package 1 without broker pool is often used in restricted offerings regulated by CVM Instruction 476, while Package 3 is usually used in offerings with extensive placement efforts governed by CVM Instruction 400, because they can rely on broker pool and other services.

Detailed information about the services available to issuers CRI can be obtained on session Fixed income.

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