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B3 Launches the 2018/2019 ISE Process

ISE Questionnaire undergoes a long review cycle for the first time in three years

São Paulo, March 1st, 2018 - B3 launched today the 2018/2019 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) Process. During the launch event, which is geared to companies and interested participants, there was the presentation of the 2018 activities calendar, the agenda, and the review methodology for the 2018 ISE Questionnaire  

The great news for 2018 is that the questionnaire will be completely reviewed –  the so-called "long review cycle". Unlike previous years, when only parts of the questions were reviewed, this year all subjects will be on the agenda of workshops and public hearings.  

The last full review of the questionnaire was in 2015, and since then further data have been received and systematized to be added to this year's cycle. The review raises the bar for the ISE Process leading to a significant strategic and structural improvement in the questionnaire through seven thematic axes:

1. Integrating ESG factors into the business strategy and/or core business
Incorporate issues related to environmental limits, climate change and reduction of inequalities in the companies’ strategic positioning

2. Integrating ESG factors into corporate governance and management mechanisms and into risk management

Emphasize how the board of directors and senior management can effectively engage in socio-environmental and risk management structuring practices

3. Integrating environmental information into accounting and into decision-making support
Account for environmental externalities and the costs of their internalization while taking into account strategic decision-making processes

4. Integrating ESG factors into sustainable production and consumption criteria

Integrate ESG factors, such as those related to product/service life cycle analysis, into portfolio management and planning processes 

5. Integrating ESG factors into the company’s management in its sphere of influence 
Act so that the actors in the sphere of influence of companies, including their value chain, embed attitudes, policies and practices conducive to sustainability

6. Implementing a human rights agenda in companies  
Enable the company's commitments on agendas such as decent work, diversity and equity

7. Incorporating integrity and transparency into company values, relationships and corporate culture
Effectively incorporate integrity and transparency into company values, corporate culture and stakeholder relationships  

Workshops Schedule

  March 14 March 15 March 16
MORNING Corporate Governance Social Environmental

General and Product Nature

Economic-Financial Climate Changes

Where: FGV – Sala 9 de Julho - Av. 9 de Julho, 2029 – São Paulo – SP - Brazil

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