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MASP and B3 announce groundbreaking partnership and gift Brazil with exclusive exhibition of 25 rare artworks

Artworks by Anita Malfatti, Benedito Calixto, Candido Portinari and Emiliano di Cavalcanti, among others, have been loaned by the São Paulo Stock Exchange to MASP and will be part of the museum’s collection for the next 30 years


São Paulo, June 6, 2018 - Sixty-six masterpieces by Brazilian artists dating from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries will join the collection of Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) in June. They will be loaned by B3 to the museum, which will curate them for 30 years. Twenty-five of these artworks will be put on show in an exhibition entitled Acervo em Transformação - Comodato MASP B3 and scheduled to run from June 14 to July 29 on MASP’s mezzanine.

The exhibition includes works by Alberto da Veiga Guignard, Aldo Bonadei, Anita Malfatti, Antonio Bandeira, Antonio Henrique Amaral, Antonio Parreiras, Arcangelo Ianelli, Benedito Calixto, Bruno Giorgi, Candido Portinari, Emiliano di Cavalcanti, Ernesto de Fiori, Ione Saldanha, José Pancetti, Maria Leontina, and Ranchinho.

The partnership is a tribute to the former board members of BM&F and BOVESPA, which merged in 2008 to create BM&FBOVESPA, and in 2017 with CETIP to form B3. The loan allows MASP to exhibit the works itself and to lend them to other museums and galleries in Brazil and elsewhere. MASP has undertaken to assure their conservation. 

“B3 completed its first year in 2018 but has a hundred-year history. These artworks have been on our walls for many years, participating alongside the people who built this company in countless important moments of the Brazilian economy. Giving the public access to artworks of such richness and cultural value to Brazil through MASP fills us with joy and pride,” said Gilson Finkelsztain, CEO of B3.

“It’s an honor for MASP to receive a collection of such significance to Brazilian culture. Many of these artworks have never been put on show to the public, and seeing them up close in a groundbreaking exhibition is a special gift from B3 to the people of São Paulo,” said Heitor Martins, MASP’s Executive President.

Acervo em Transformação - Comodato MASP B3

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