Bovespa Index (Ibovespa)


  • The index

    Ibovespa is Brazil’s main stock market index. It was established in 1968 and over the past 50 years has consolidated as a reference point for investors around the world. It is the leading indicator of the average performance of most-active and benchmark stocks in the Brazilian equities market.

    It is exclusively comprised of the stocks and units of companies listed on B3 that meet the inclusion criteria described in B3’s methodology. This category does not include BDRs and the assets of companies undergoing in-court or out-of-court reorganization, temporary special administration, intervention, or which are otherwise designated to be under exceptional trading status (see the Concepts and Practices Manual for B3 Indices).

    Ibovespa results from a theoretical portfolio of stocks drawn up in accordance with the criteria established in its methodology. All of the procedures and rules contained in the Concepts and Practices Manual for B3 Indices apply in the case of Ibovespa.

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