BM&FBOVESPA Electric Utilities Index (IEE)

BM&FBOVESPA Electric Utilities Index (IEE)

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    The BM&FBOVESPA Electric Utilities Index (IEE) is compiled as a weighted average of a theoretical portfolio of stocks pursuant to criteria set forth in this methodology.

    The indices compiled by BM&FBOVESPA adopt concepts and practices set forth in the Concepts and Practices Manual for BM&FBOVESPA Indices.

    The BM&FBOVESPA IEE is designed to measure average performance tracking changes in the prices of the more actively traded and better representative electricity sector stocks.

    Index type
    The BM&FBOVESPA IEE is a total return index. As such, it assumes distributions and certain other corporate actions are reinvested back into the index.

    The adjustment calculation assumes a hypothetical stock sale at the closing “cum-price” as of the trading day prior to the ex-date, with the sale proceeds being used in buying additional stocks at the “ex-price”.

    Eligible stocks
    The Electric Power Index is composed exclusively of shares and units representing shares of BM&FBOVESPA-listed issuers which meet the inclusion criteria set forth below.

    The index universe excludes Brazilian Depositary Receipts (BDRs) and shares of issuers under judicial or extrajudicial reorganization, government- or court-ordered administration or intervention, as well as shares otherwise designated to be under exceptional trading status (see the Concepts and Practices Manual for BM&FBOVESPA Indices).

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