Cash Settled Soybean Futures

  • Specifications
    UnderlyingSoybean in bulk, export type, with a maximum of: 14% moisture content; 1% foreign matter and impurities; 30% broken beans; 8% green beans; 8% damaged, of which a maximum of 6% moldy beans, 4% heat-damaged and burned beans, of which burned beans cannot exceed 1%; and 18.5% oil content.
    Contract size450 bags weighing 60-net kilograms (corresponding to 27 metric tons).
    QuotationDollars of United States per bag to two decimal places.
    Tick sizeUSD0.01.
    Round-lot1 contract.
    Last trading day2nd business day preceding the contract month.
    Expiration date2nd business day preceding the contract month.
    Contract monthsMarch, april, may, june, july, august, september, and november.
    Settlement on expirationCash settlement.
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