Financial Securities

Bank Certificate of Deposit (CDB)

  • The asset

    The Bank Deposit Certificate (CDB) is a fixed income holding, book entry form and nominative, representing the pledge of payment, at a future date, of the term deposit amount, added to the agreed profitability rate.

    It is an important fundraising instrument for banks, since investors acquiring CDBs loan money to bank in exchange for remuneration. 

  • Benefits
    • Possibility of obtaining income tied to rates in force in the economy and practiced by the market.
    • Decreasing income tax rate during the investment period, since collection only occurs upon redemption or maturity.
    • Protection of the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC), which covers losses up to the limit provided in regulations by clients (CPF or CNPJ) in each financial institution.
    • This product could be used to guarantee other investor operations in the stock and future markets, according to the criteria and limits set out by B3.
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