Rural Product Note (CPR)

  • The product

    The Rural Producer Certificate (in Portuguese denominated as Cédula de Produto Rural – CPR) is a credit holding backed by collateral, represented by rural or commercial guarantees. It represents a futures purchase in which the producer, association or credit union issues securities to market its products, receiving values in advance and based on product payment obligations (Physical ) or cash settlement (Financial CPR).

    An important step of this process is the mandatory CPR registration, which may be performed at B3, guaranteeing the existence and accuracy of holding features. 

  • Benefits
    • For Investors:
      • Exemption of Income Tax and IOF;
    • For Issuers:
      • funding theproduction and commercialization of agricultural products;
      • allows the early sale of part of the production; and
      • provides the negotiation of the agricultural harvest without debt based on interest rates.
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