Definition of access model

Applicant institution presents its business model to B3, which will adapt its needs to the available access categories.


Admission procedure

The applicant institution must submit its registration documents applicable to the respective category for analysis by B3. Following this analysis, BSM will conduct a pre-operational audit at the institution, in order to verify compliance with the requirements of the basic script of the PQO (Professional Qualification Program). The documentation is then forwarded to the Board of Directors of B3.


Preparation of operational and technological infrastructure

At this stage, the institution - already admitted as a participant of B3 - finalizes the contracting of access to operational and technological infrastructure as well as the contracting of services and solutions offered by the Exchange that are suited to its business model. This is an essential phase for the participant to go into operation.



In this phase, the institution must pursue the accreditation of its employees by B3. Once all stages have been completed successfully, the participant will be able to operate in the markets and systems managed by B3.

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