OTC memberships

Category Description
OTC Derivatives with Guarantee Swap, Term and Flexible Options, and others
OTC Derivatives without Guarantee Swap, Term and Flexible Options, and others
Real Estate Credit Bills Real Estate Credit Bills
Credit Bonds Private saving bonds from financial institution, including: Bank Deposit Certificate, Real Estate Credit Letter, Structured Operations Certificate and others.
Agribusiness Bonds Rural Product Bill (CPR), Agricultural Deposit Certificate (CDA), Agricultural Warrant (WA), Agribusiness Credit Letter (LCA), Agribusiness Receivables Certificate (CRA) and others.

The access authorization for registration in the category OTC Derivatives with Guarantee must have previous access authorization for negotiation (full negotiation participant) in the Financial Derivatives and Commodity and Gold category, or receive access authorization for receiving its own and clients’ operations, via transfer, and liquidation of such operations before the clearing member (liquidation participant) in the “Financial Derivatives and Commodity and Gold” category.

Financial requirements
Category Minimum working capital (CGP) Minimum net equity
OTC Derivatives with Guarantee R$1 million N/A
OTC Derivatives without Guarantee R$1 million N/A
Real Estate Credit Bills N/A R$550 thousand
Credit Bonds R$1 million N/A
Agribusiness Bonds N/A -
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