Trading members

The full trading member (or PNP) is a broker or securities distributor that holds the right to access B3's trading environments. Commodities brokers are eligible to the financial derivatives, commodity and gold only. The following documents explain the access rules to such markets.

Financial requirements 
Category CGP Operating performance fund
Full BRL3.75 million Not required
(Circular Letter 083/2009-DP)
Fixed income and counter BRL750,000 Not required
(Circular Letter 083/2009-DP)

* CGP: Equity Capital

Financial requirements for financial derivatives, commodities and gold
Category Equity capital
(CGP) minimum
Net worth (PL) minimum
Financial derivatives, commodities and gold BRL4 million BRL7.5 million
Deposit collateral
Category Non-operating minimum collateral
Financial derivatives, commodities and gold BRL6 million


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