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Brazil 100 Index - IBrX 100

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The Brazil Index – IBrX is an index which measures the return on a theoretical portfolio composed by 100 stocks selected among BOVESPA’s most actively traded securities, in terms of number of trades and financial value. The component stocks are weighted according to the outstanding shares’ market value.

Shares Eligible for the Index

The IBrX will consist of 100 securities chosen from a list of shares classified in descending order according to liquidity, measured by their negotiability index (considering the last twelve months). These stocks must also meet the other inclusion criteria described below.

Criteria for Inclusion in the Portfolio

The index portfolio will include the 100 eligible companies that meet the following criteria:

a) to be among the 100-best classified stocks according to the negotiability index, measured in the last twelve months;
b) to have a trading session presence of at least 70%, measured in the last twelve months.

Companies that are under judicial reorganization, have filed for bankruptcy, are under a special regime or are subject to a trading halt of its security over an extended period of time will not integrate IBrX.