BM&FBOVESPA publishes 2015 market performance

Trading value in BM&FBOVESPA’s equity market (BOVESPA segment) in 2015 totaled BRL 1.67 trillion, compared with BRL 1.80 trillion in 2014. Average daily trading value was BRL 6.79 billion, from BRL 7.29 billion in 2014.

Total volume reached 230,189,152 trades, from 228,100,922 in 2014; and average daily volume was 935,728, compared with the 919,762 of 2014.

In 2015, the BM&F segment had a total of 703,561,982 contracts traded, against the 590,242,458 of 2014. Financial volume in 2015 totaled BRL 50.70 trillion, compared to a total of BRL 73.21 trillion in 2014. Open interest ended the last trading day of December with 32,371,143 positions, compared to 39,117,766 in 2014.

In 2015, interest rate futures (DI) traded a record 309,308,981 contracts, compared to 286,125,664 in 2014. US Dollar futures ended the year with 77,490,315 contracts traded, compared to 82,365,540 in 2014. Ibovespa futures traded 16,924,855 contracts compared to 20,496,231 during the previous year.

In December, trading value in the BOVESPA segment totaled BRL 132.64 billion, compared with BRL 120.88 billion the previous month. Average daily trading value was BRL 6.63 billion, from BRL 6.36 the previous month. Total volume reached 18,238,250 trades, from 18,363,500 the previous month. Average daily volume was 911,913 (966,500 in November).

In December, markets in the BM&F segment accounted for a total of 46,624,397 contracts traded and a financial volume of BRL 4.35 trillion, compared to 45,871,964 contracts and BRL 4.29 trillion in November.

In December, interest rate futures (DI) accounted for 16,232,494 contracts, compared to 18,958,455 in November. US Dollar futures ended December with 5,541,205 contracts traded, compared to 4,909,410 in November. Ibovespa futures traded 1,447,010 contracts compared to 1,257,420 during the previous month.

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